Biohacking is taking our environmental knowledge to an entirely new level.

How much does our environment affect our health and wellbeing?

Studies would suggest it’s a lot. You may notice a physical reaction to temperature, sunlight, weather conditions, air quality, and more when you vacation in a different clime or travel through a region with an entirely different environment. Science has long known the effects of environment on our health – many ailments were “cured” by removing the afflicted to a warmer region. But today biohacking is taking our environmental knowledge to an entirely new level.

Environmental Changes

Adjusting your environment can certainly mean uprooting to a climate better suited to your needs – a warmer, dry climate if you suffer with respiratory issues, or away from pollution when air quality is critical. Adjusting your environment can also be as simple as adding elements to your home or engaging in environmental therapies.

One of the more accessible forms of environmental change or therapy would include saunas. We see them in gyms and spas wherever we go. They create a hot and humid atmosphere that is different from your average environment. The same principles apply to a Bikram yoga class.

On the other hand, cryo-chambers can create a cold environment that can help with healing and age-reversing. Don’t have access to a Cryochamber that’s completely alright.  Many of the benefits can still be experienced by taking a cold shower. Air quality can also be altered with plants or salt lamps.

Biohacking for Desired Results

What does this mean for you? It means that you can adjust your environment – permanently or temporarily – to achieve desired physical results. For example, sauna or heat therapy can be particularly effective for those pursuing weight loss or detox, because it creates sweating and overheating of the body to shed extra water and toxins.

Cryotherapy has been shown to improve pain, target healing in injuries, reverse aging and damage, and tighten skin and muscles. Imagine an ice pack on your sprained ankle, but the effects across your entire body, healing and soothing pain.

Sensory deprivation has become a popular form of therapy or even just a relaxing activity. Users have reported high levels of healing, relaxation, and renewed creativity. Sensory deprivation “float tanks” can be especially helpful for those with weight-bearing injuries or issues, such as back pain, joint pain, or amputated limbs.

Biohacking Your Environment

So what are your body’s needs? What are your biohacking goals? It may be time to consider adjusting your environment or trying environmental therapies to achieve your desired biological results. Maybe you want to boost your weight loss or restore joint function. Maybe you’re recovering from a car accident or other injury. Maybe you’re an athlete looking for a competitive edge.

Your environment feeds and shapes you. By controlling your environment you can create your ideal self, promoting the changes you want to see in your body and health. Environmental biohacking is the future of health and wellness.